Lower New England (Teams and Singles)

Divisional: Lower New England

Date: February 5, 2022
Location: Zing Table Tennis Center
Tournament Director:
Sumon Roy, Nancy Zhou


Boston University
Brown University
Brandeis University
Tufts University
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mens Singles
Shubhankar Ranade 2403 Boston University
John McDermott 2376 University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Ray Huang 2145 Brown University
Michael Fu 1960 Brown University
Luke Zheng 1810 Boston University
Zihan Liu 1594 Boston University
Ivo Su 1570 Brown University
Zhengying Xia 1524 Brown University
Jiacheng Sun 1486 Boston University
Edward Xing 836 Brown University
Zhengqi Dong 715 Boston University
Aaron Wang 336 Brown University
Runyi Ma 0 Boston University
Womens Singles
Yiqi Zou 1642 Boston University
Tanya Deshpande 1373 Brown University
Yulin Li 1101 Boston University
Yongjun Lu 1035 Boston University
Hailan Gan 686 Boston University
Abby Goldberg 684 Brown University
Meha Prabhu 661 Boston University
EngTse Yeo 600 Brown University
Abby Frenkel 496 Brown University
Harshini Venkatachalam 476 Brown University
Jenna Chu 440 Brown University
Kexin Ding 314 Brown University